Saturday, March 18, 2006

My first felt!

This is my first foray into felting. (Love that alliteration.) My mom gave it to me as a homemade kit, complete with Galway and accent yarn (not sure what it was) and pattern (Fiber Trends Fabulous Felt Totes). I think it was a Valentine's Day 2005 gift. I knit in the winter but didn't finish until summer, because I had to get more Galway to finish it. So I ordered extra and made another two purses, since I had leftover accent yarn. I felted them at my parent's lake house in Wisconsin, because I don't have a top-loading washer to felt in. This way, my mom also could help me with my first felting. They turned out great, though I would have like more of the accent yarn sticking out. My friend Jenny was with me at my parents' when I felted them, so I gave her one for her birthday in October. I've been carrying mine all winter. Turns out the purple perfectly matches my favorite hat from Ireland. Note to self: Use Galway #132 to make matching felted mittens.

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