Thursday, April 27, 2006

Half a teddy bear

You're not going to believe this: I ran out of yarn again. I had to buy a whole skein of this Lions Brand Watercolors (a really pretty boucle) to finish off the booties to match the cute baby sweater and hat I made (see "So close..." below). So I decide to use the leftover yarn to make a matching teddy bear, using this Blue's Big Hug Bear pattern from Knittering. But I did one half and was just finishing the head on the second half . . . when I ran out of yarn again.

I know there's a lesson here: about planning ahead, or maybe about being OK with not always knowing what you need but trusting that you will always be able to get it. The universe (or Joann's Craft Store) will provide!

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km said...

I bought some watercolors for $2 a ball...and googled things to knit...and found your blog. I love that bear. And I checked out the pattern. Too cute. Can I ask? Did it take less than one ball to finish the bear? Thanks, Kristen