Saturday, April 01, 2006

Have felting projects, will travel

When my husband and I moved into our condo in Chicago's Lincoln Square, it was the first time I'd lived in a place with my own washer and dryer. I was so psyched. No more schleping downstairs at midnight to get my undies out the dryer. Tucked into a closet off our kitchen is a lovely GE washer/dryer combo, an upgraded model with a front-loading washer on the bottom. Unfortunately once I started felting I realized what a liability that is. So now I have to save up my felting projects for whenever I visit my parents, sister or anyone else with a top-loading washer!

I'm planning to head to my parents' for Easter so I'll get to do some felting there. I have two purses (see sample swatches above): one out of fuscia Galway with some Lion's Fancy Fur in black and fuscia worked in; the other I'm trying this Paton's Classic Wool Merino in "Deep Olive" (3 skeins) and worked in three different accent yarns, two that I ordered on ebay from Turkey (a burgandy loopy yarn and a tri-color gold, green, burgandy flecky kind) and then some olive Patons Allure. We'll see how those all felt out. But not for two weeks.

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