Sunday, April 30, 2006

New blogs

Well, I've been a very busy blogger today. I've launched two--yes, two!--new blogs.

First, there's Spiritual Bookworm, which features mini-reviews of books I've read, links to books I'm currently reading and, coming soon, a list of books I want to read. There will be knitting books, to be sure, but also plenty of spiritual non-fiction and good novels.

Second, is Spiritual Decorator. What's so spiritual about decorating, you ask? As the subtitle says, "Because beauty can be divine." Decorating has long been a hobby, and some friends and family who have sought my amateur advice have suggested that it might someday be something I could do for a living. I think I'll stick to keeping it a hobby for now. Visit to check out the new pendant lights that are being installed in my kitchen as I type.

Be sure to put the whole family of "Spiritual" blogs on your bloglines! (How's that for branding?)

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