Thursday, April 20, 2006

Yarn shopping

I went yarn shopping over Easter. The store was my mom's sewing room and the cost was $0. This (above) is four skeins of Berroco Lavish (wool, nylon, acrylic and polyester) and a skein and a half of Berroco Quest (100 % nylon). Both are really pretty metallics. They'd be pretty scarves, but also might look cool mixed with something else. Not sure what they'll be yet.

My mom gave me two patterns for socks (my goal is to learn how to knit socks this summer). This is some stretchy sock yarn in bright colors in sport weight.

This is a bunch of Bucilla "Spice-Sport" (but looks more like worsted weight) sock yarn that my mom had acquired from my grandmother, who didn't knit much but liked to shop for yarn! I'm thinking three pair of small women's socks. I'm not sure what I'll do with the one skein of pumkin-ish one, but I like that color. (It's the color of my bathroom.) This yarn is 77% acrylic, 6% wool and 7% acrylic.

This is the prettiest cottony yarn in a bright royal blue with flecks of pink, turquoise, orange and green. It's called "Poesia" by Filatura di Crosa, Color #123. It's a viscosa/cotton/polyester blend. I think it might make a nice shawl (need a pattern) for Ed's mother. She looks good in bright colors.

I also acquired eight skeins of Bernat Sesame in "Dapper Green" (a sagey green). It's definitely vintage! Looks like my grandma paid 90 cents a skein on clearance. I had hoped it would be enough for the Einstein coat from Sally Melville's The Knit Stitch. My mom wound and measured a skein and it was 118 yards x 8 skeins = 944 yards. The sweater in small calls for 1100 yards, but I'd need to do some shortening. Should I risk it?

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