Friday, May 26, 2006

Baby blues

While in France, I worked on this baby sweater for a co-worker. This nice top-down pattern was offered free on the website of my LYS but is no longer online. I've knit it twice for other baby gifts, but out of cheap-o acrylic yarn. (There are two schools of thought on this: #1 Babies are messy; knit with washable yarn and #2 If you're going to hand-knit something, use good yarn!) As I don't have kids yet, it's hard for me to say if the #1-ers (including my mom) are wrong, though I guess I would tend toward #2. What do you think?

This time I'm knitting this sweater out of Patons Katrina, a stretchy rayon/polyester blend that is knitting up rather nicely and will be nice for this summer baby. The light blue color ("Dawn") is perfect for a baby boy. It's a bit expensive but I bought a bunch when JoAnn Fabrics was moving, so I think I paid less than $5 a skein. I'm knitting on #5 metal needles and have already made a boo-boo. I put a buttonhole in early, but I think I can sew that together when I finish it. That's what makes nit homemade, right?

While knitting this in France, I had a mini-breakdown because I started thinking about how many baby sweaters I have already knit for other people--and god knows how many more I will knit--before we get our daughter, whom we're adopting from China. The wait for adopting from China has at least doubled, if not tripled, and our agency has told us to expect to wait 18 months from when we got our paperwork in (which was late February). So we're looking at next fall. After a year of infertility treatments, this is really hard to take. And I'm not getting any younger! Next week is my 42nd birthday, and I really hoped to have my first child by 42. Plus, if one more friend/relative/stranger tells me they're pregnant (especially without noting that it might be hard for me to hear), I might just lock myself in my bedroom and do nothing but knit and watch decorating shows for the next 18 months!

Luckily I have a very understanding and compassionate husband, although he's definitely grieving all this, too. He suggested I stop knitting baby sweaters, and I did take a break. But I really want to finish this one for my coworker, who's due in August and leaving next month. But maybe I do need to knit a few things for our daughter now (her name is Sophie). I'm also in the very beginning stages of organizing a charity knitting project for babies in orphanages in China to help me focus on something else during the wait. I talked to my agency about it yesterday and will be doing some more research in the next weeks. So look for that soon!

(Looks like Katrina has been discontinued. Can't find it on the Patons website. Good thing I have about five skeins in a nice sage green. I'm going to make a sweater for Sophie, though I need a different pattern for 12-18 months.)

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