Sunday, May 07, 2006

Just bead it

This is my first felted purse, which I decided to jazz up a bit, even though I carried it all winter the way it was. The accent yarn didn't really show very well (as you can see in this photo from "My first felt.") So yesterday I hand sewed on a these pretty purple beads, while watching Judgment at Nuremberg on AMC. It's a three-hour movie, folks, and it took me that long to sew on a whole package of Bead Heaven Amethyst Glass Spacer Beads. I really like how it turned out, but now I think I'd like to line it, both to hide the threads from the beading but also to add some more color and pattern.

Spiritual lesson: It's never too late to go back and fix something.


Rae said...

I love the beads! They really add a nice flare to the bag. Perfect!

Mary said...

Heidi, I just bought some of the same beads to knit another bracelet. I really like the way you have added the spirtual lesson to some of your entries. Keep it up.

Love, Mom