Sunday, June 18, 2006

Front hall closet

Four down, one to go! That's how many closets in our condo my husband and I have redone with the wire Closet Maid closet organizers (that includes one pantry, one rather large walk-in, and our laundry room closet).

Last weekend, we did the front hall closet, which is pretty small but needs to store a lot of crap. I decided that rather than have the hanging rod go all the way across, I'd break it up for his/her coats, then put shelves down the middle for all the stuff we're constantly needing to reach, like scarves, mittens, sporting equiptment, etc. I got the nice canvas bins at Bed, Bath and Beyond (using a coupon, of course).

A rolling basket on the floor contains bike helmets and is flanked by two crates, for our blades and ice skates. Games are above the coats, and photos are on the higher shelf. I'm hoping to have room to store some old photo albums here, too.

I used up some leftover paint from my last condo, a nice dark sage green, which looks nice against the gold and contrasts with the white.

Ed is getting very good at installing this system. (We highly recommend the ShelfTrack system that attaches from the ceiling. It's much stronger.) Now all we have left is his closet!

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