Saturday, June 17, 2006

I'm back!

Well, Mr. Comcast Technican came yesterday (and on time, too!) and we once again have working Internet at home. It was a challenge being Web-free at home for a whole week. Even though I have the Internet at work, I have no time lately to do anything personal there, so not only have I not been blogging, I haven't read any blogs for a week. Lots of catching up to do.

Since I haven't been blogging, I have gotten some knitting done. I will post a few FOs tomorrow (when I get my camera back. I left it at my friend Staci's house after a lovely Women's Group wedding shower for fellow member Bridget last night.)

Also, while I've been forcibly fasting from the computer, I missed World Wide Knit in Public Day, which was June 10. Apparently there was a gathering in Chicago, in Millennium Park. I'm bummed I missed it, but will mark my calendar for 2007. (Our CBS TV station did a story on it.) Most "public" knitting I see is on the el (I usually see at least one person a week knitting), but I use my train commute to either do work or do the crossword and/or Soduku as a way of not thinking about work and hopefully helping to avoid Alzheimer's. I know knitting would be relaxing, too, but I save that for home, where I'm truly relaxed. I did knit on trains in France. I don't know if people were staring at me because I was knitting or because I was speaking English, though. I only ever saw one other person knitting there, and it was a woman from Wisconsin!

Even here in the U.S., knitting in public always elicits lots of curious looks and can be a surefire conversation starter with all kinds of strangers. Once when I took the train to South Bend, Indiana I got to know a little girl who was fascinated by my knitting. I do it, too, often stopping to chat with people who knit in public (although I try to leave the rush-hour el riders alone). Most knitters are pretty friendly about it, although some clearly just want to knit, not be an unofficial ambassador for the craft.

Do you knit in public? Why or why not? What are people's reactions? I'd love to hear...

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