Sunday, June 04, 2006

I've got the blues

It's been awhile since I've posted a FO (finished object, for you knitting blogs newbies). That's because it's been awhile since I've finished an object. But finally, here is the blue baby sweater for my co-worker (who I hope is not reading this) for her baby boy, who is due in August. She is leaving our office in two weeks and moving to Goshen, Indiana. Her first-born can be seen on the cover of this month's U.S. Catholic magazine. And if you look closely, that's me in her little fist! (Is she adorable, or what?)

Yarn: 2 skeins Katrina in "Dawn"
Needles: Size 5 metal
Pattern: My adjusted top-down baby sweater pattern
What went well: I like this stretchy yarn for this. It's a nice weight for a summer sweater. Too bad it looks like it's being discontinued. (Or maybe just renamed, as the name is now unfortunate)
What didn't go so well: Made a boo-boo by adding a buttonhole too early, but have decided I now like the buttonholes going all the way to the top. Another adjustment to add.
Cost: I think about $6 for the yarn (on clearance); haven't bought buttons yet
Other comments: I'll try to finish a quick hat and booties to match in time for the going-away party in two weeks.
Spiritual lesson(s): #1. Sometimes mistakes are actually ways to learn to improve things.
#2. This was hard to knit, because I've been very depressed about the whole baby thing and have a huge list of people I could be knitting baby sweaters for. But rather than worry about all them, I just focused on the project at hand. And when I thought of Heather, I was happy to knit for her and her little boy. To paraphrase the 12 Step wisdom: One sweater at a time.


Mary said...

Dear Heidi, the picture of the baby sweater doesn't show up. I will try it again and see if it does.

Love, Mom

Mary said...

Dear Heidi, went back and now it shows up. Still seem to be having trouble with mine.

Love, Mom

Purl Needlemeyer said...

Now, I feel like my kids definately have me grasped in their little fists!!

Rae said...

What a beautiful job you did! The sweater is adorable, and it will make a mom delighted and a baby warm. I love knitted gifts - they carry an extra dose of love and care because they're made by hand. How thoughtful.