Saturday, June 03, 2006

Major league birthday

What a great birthday yesterday. I had a wonderful lunch with friends Karen and Delia, then did a major shop at Trader Joe's before picking up Ed from the train and heading up to Wisconsin for the Brewer's game with Mom and Dad. The Brewers lost 10-4 to the Washington Nationals (they've been struggling these past few weeks. Bad pitching, my dad says). It also was a special tribute to the Negro Leagues, so the Brewers were wearing the old-time uniform from the Negro Leagues.

When we weren't being entertained by the sausage race (Hubby Ed won $3 whent he Polish won), we were excited to learn that the man who had been sitting in our seats when we arrived turned out to be Jessie Barfield, former right fielder for the Toronto Blue Jays and NY Yankees in the 1980s and known for having one of the best arms in baseball and a home run hitter, to boot. He was there with his son, who was training with the Brewers before the draft. He was incredibly nice, chatting with my dad (pictured above with him) and signing a ball for him.

When things got a little boring in the eighth inning, my mom took out her sock knitting. I should have brought mine; I had left it in the car. We didn't have time to tailgate before the game, but my mom brought a birthday cheesecake that we enjoyed afterward in the parking lot. (I'm not a big cake fan, but I love cheesecake. This had four flavors: plain, cherry, caramel apple, and French silk. Yummy!) A very fun birthday all around!


Mary said...

Great pictures, Heidi. Can you see the links on the right side of my blog? I only can see my postings. There is nothing on the side of my blog. Should I delete some of my pictures?

Love, Mom

Renee said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Heidi! Sounds like it was a fun one. Btw, I think a birthday cheesecake is a fabulous idea.

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