Monday, June 19, 2006

Project Spectrum: June

Well, it's already past the middle of the month, and I'm just getting on board with Project Spectrum. I kept waiting for an email to connect me with a new postcard buddy, but I didn't realize you have to re-sign up each month for that. (Last month my buddy was Rae at A Knitter's Life. I never got a postcard, but I did gain a reader. And I enjoy her blog, too.)

So the Project Spectrum color for June is blue, which I think is appropriate, since it's my birthday month and blue has long been one of my favorite colors. Do adults have favorite colors? Growing up, mine was blue (witness the blue gingham check bedroom) but in my adulthood, I've grown to love deep earthy colors like pumpkin and sage green. But I've almost always had a blue (or purple) bedroom, because those cool colors are so soothing. Even now I'm swatching blues in my bedroom wall to repain to match the Calvin Klein Bamboo Flowers bedding.

Without knowing it, I just started two projects that fit the color of the month. This is the Om Yoga Bag in Lion Cotton in a color called Morning Glory Blue, but that actually looks more purply that in this photo. I've done three sets of the eight-row lace pattern so far:

And this is the Child's Hooded Sweater in Lion Wool Ease Thick & Quick in Teal. I knit almost the whole back while watching the Enron movie ("The Smartest Guys in the Room") last night. I highly recommend it. The greed and lack of morals is really appalling.

I'll defintely post more blue before the month is over.


Lolly said...

I am sorry about the misunderstanding with the postcard swap! I think it is a change for the better, and if you want to sign up for July's swap, it is open now. There is a form to fill out on my blog.

Great progress on your lovely blue knits! I like the yoga mat bag! My mat came with one, but I have considered making a new one for it ;)

Rae said...

Oh my - you didn't get my postcard? I received yours! Waaa! You mentioned sending one from France, which I didn't get, but I'm now peeved and irritated you didn't get mine. What's with that? I feel horrible about it!

Glad to see your blog is back and running. I was worried for awhile.

Nice pics, btw. Beautiful color. I love it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Heidi: Hmm, that's funny. My favorite color as a kid was yellow. And now my bedroom is painted ... Amy

Renee Schafer Horton said...

Once again I am awed by your humanity. You are such an amazing woman. Happy 42 b/d, a little late. i'm only reading to find your website to contact you to get something for my column, of course, but I wanted to say i read all the posts on the opening page and my heart expands reading about you. You will make a wonderful parent. You are a wonderful person. I just wanted to say that. Renee of Tucson

Anonymous said...

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