Sunday, July 09, 2006

July birthdays

Lots of friends and family have birthdays the first week in July. July 2 is a big day, with Ed's goddaughter Grace, my friend Lourdes, and my former coworker and still friend Dolores Madlener. Then on July 7, we celebrated Ed's dad's birthday in Philadelphia (pictured above). He's 68. Tomorrow is my sister's birthday. She's considerably younger that that.

Lest you think this blog has completely lost its knitting focus, here is some pretty pink 100% wool fingering yarn I bought at a yard sale for 50 cents. Someone has started crocheting a little baby sweater and even included the instructions. I may make some booties for it (although it seems all my friends are now having boys: Kristin and Jon, D'Arcy and Mike, and Staci and Tim--all due with boys this fall or winter). Maybe Ed's brother and sister-in-law will be having a girl. I guess we'll find out soon.

I had a really nice time hitting the rummage sales with my mother-in-law. She's a master, even helped me bargain down a nice antique leather suitcase to $4. Also got two nice cardigans for $1.50 each and an adorable antique "Candy canes 3 cents" sign for $2.50. Finally, a roasting pan for $1, which fits right in the suitcase to get it home. I knit another fortune cookie, but still need to confirm if this will work for our Vietnamese son. So I started a blanket for him, in a sage green acrylic (washable), using the pattern I made my first baby blanket with, another sage green one for Kassie Misiewicz's little Maeve. This has been a wonderful vacation, hanging out with Ed Sr., Marge, and sister-in-law Trish. I'm off to the lawn chair in the sunny back yard to read my book, the 700-plus page The Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All. It's a good one.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Heidi!!!!
I just stumbled into your Web site. How cool! Now I know what industrious people do when they don't have a large dysfunctional family always needing rescue or stroking. Your deck, craft projects, artistic bidnez (business), etc. is most impressive. I'm super proud of you. Oh, thanks for mentioning my birthday.
Your pal always,
Anon Y. Mous