Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Long time, no knit

Sorry I have blogged for awhile, but I've spent the past five days researching the heck out of Vietnam adoption agencies. I've learned about the ugly side of unethical and sometimes illegal adoptions overseas. Ed and I are trying to select an ethical agency, but it's sometimes hard to figure our who is, and who isn't. So, it looks like we will be changing agencies from the one we originally thought we were going with. Right now I'm starting over trying to find one. What this means is that we most likely will not have Samuel before the end of the year. :-(

The emotional roller-coaster is killing me, I've got to tell you. You would think knitting would relax me, but who has time to knit when you're on the Internet for hours at a time, researching agencies and posting on list-servs.

I have been working on the cardigan sweater, hoping to finish it in time for a shower this weekend. (Mom, I attached the second pocket all by myself!) I just have to finish the left front and then put it together and knit the hood. I'll post it as soon as I'm done.

I've also started a baby blanket for Sam, but this past weekend's news hasn't exactly got me excited about working on it.


Creative Genius? said...

Hey there - I tried to email this but it got sent back to me so:

Oh my gosh Heidi - that is terrific!!! Congratulations on your new little boy!!! How far apart do you think your two kids will be? Do you already know which child you will be adopting from Vietnam or are you not at that stage yet? Oh I am so excited for you!!! That's wonderful!

Ok - and since I wrote/sent that I just read your latest update and that sucks that it's going to take so long. But soon you'll have beautiful children and they'll be worth the wait - I promise!!!

:-) AL

tocspaw said...

Choosing an agency is often the hardest part. Once you've made a choice you feel good about, the rest is smooth (relatively) sailing! Best of luck to you!