Monday, July 17, 2006

Seussical the Musical

While most Chicagoans were sweating yesterday in 100-degree heat, I was in a nice air-conditioned theater watching the Fox Valley Park District's production of "Seusical the Musical" starring none other than my nephew Kevin (left) with a supporting role played by my niece Clare (below--I helped with the styrofoam balls that create that Seuss hair!)
This is no amateur school play, but rather a 250-cast production at a really nice theater in downtown Aurora. Kevin did an excellent job, including his two solos. He played the main character of JoJo, while Clare was part of the "jungle creatures." She did some great dancing and singing, too.

Apparently this show bombed on Broadway, but I thought it was cute, if a bit long. There's Horton, the Whos, the Grinch, and all these other Seuss characters all woven into one story. I suppose I'm going to have to get used to reading those cutesy rhyming books 10 times in a row if I'm going to have kids soon!

My sister went all out with a pre-play brunch, serving all kinds of good brunch dishes (Amy, don't forget to send me the recipes for that french toast thing and the egg dish). Of course, the Seuss-themed party wouldn't have been complete without green eggs and ham.

The knitting connection (you knew there would be one eventually, right?) is that when my mom and dad were down for the show, my mom helped me figure out the extremely poorly written pattern for the kids' hooded sweater I'm making. The attaching of the pocket lining was incredibly confusing, but we figured it out around midnight. I'll finish it soon and post a photo. Meanwhile, enjoy my cute niece and nephew instead of FOs.

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