Monday, August 07, 2006

Pack rat--and poor prognosticator

So I spent most of my weekend working on a freelance copyediting project. Wish I'd done more knitting. (Though I am working on a blanket for Sam. Will post more about that when there's more to show.)

I also spent a fair amount of time this weekend trying to clean out the study/soon-to-be nursery. Last time I was at my parents', I brought home some of my "memorabilia" to sort through. It seems I've pretty much saved every letter and card ever sent to me! I think my godparents, Betty and Mike, for best corresondents over the years!

Well, as I as sorting through EVERY HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION CARD--I kid you not!--I found a $10 tucked into one that I had apparently missed in 1982. Can you believe it? With inflation, it should have been a $20 by now!

I also found this letter from my mom from 1985, in which she mentions that my sister has taken up knitting: "Amy learned how to purl after you left and knit a great big piece. She really does a nice job of knitting. I think she may have found her 'thing.'"

Well, I think after one baby sweater gift for a friend, Amy gave up knitting. C'mon, Amy, want to try again?

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