Monday, August 28, 2006

Sam I Am's Blanket

The first non-scarf thing I ever knit (besides a dishcloth) was a baby blanket for my friend Kassie, who was pregnant with her little girl Maeve. It was, after all, just a really big rectangle. My mom gave me the pattern from a 1960s-era pattern book, and she remembers that she had made me the coordinating sweater when I was an infant. I knit it out of cheap acrylic yarn in a sage green, because I thought Kassie would enjoy a non-baby-pastel color. It took forever, and actually wasn't done in time for the shower. Mom counseled me to wrap it up on the needles for her to see, which she had done many times herself. I did finish it in time for Maeve's entry into the world, though.

Well, now I will hopefully have my own baby on the way (via Vietnam), although the timing of that seems to fluctuate as much as the Chicago weather. (It's cold and rainy today, not at all August-like. Tomorrow it could be 90 and humid.). If you have any interest in following our adoption journey, I have started an adoption blog, with a link at right or here.

Meanwhile, in between researching adoption agencies and starting paperwork, I started another blanket, this one for Sam, in a similar cheap, acrylic sage green yarn (only because I have some to use up and baby's barf on blankets, I hear). I may send this to Vietnam after we get our referral (if we ever get our referral!). Sometimes the orphanage will put something in your child's crib that smells like you. I like that thought. That's it above, about 5 inches into it. Only 30-plus inches to go.

The only question is--given all delays we've already encountered just in choosing an agency and getting started (and this is all after trying China first)--which will I finish first: our adoption paperwork or the blanket? I'm hoping it's the adoption paperwork. Please keep us--and our son's birthfamily--in your prayers these days. Thanks.

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