Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Surprise sweater

Surprise! Does my friend Karen looked shocked or what? Her first words after about 40 family and friends yelled "Surprise!" were "What is this for?" Her birthday isn't until December, but this was an adoption shower. Although they haven't yet received a referral for their child/children, Karen and her husband (and good secret keeper!) Jeff (at left) decided last fall to adopt. They started with India, but are now changing countries to Vietnam or Thailand. They are two people with the most integrity of anyone I know and I am positive they are going to be wonderful parents of one or two toddler kids.

The party was really nice, held at their friend Tracy's in Wisconsin. Ed and I enjoyed a nice drive up with friend Delia, during which we debated the pros and cons of living in the big city versus living in a nice small Wisconsin town. Tracy's house was gorgeous. I especially loved her inside doors--very Shaker looking. She was a great hostess with the mostest and has already sent me the recipe for her yummy homemade granola.

On Sunday morning I woke up at 6 a.m., which gave me just enough time to finish the sweater I knit as a gift for them. This is knit from Lions Brand Thick and Chunky Wool-ease in a pretty teal color. I put light colored wooden buttons on it. It has slanted pockets and a hood. I think it took three or four skeins--on sale for $3-4 apiece, I think.

I learned two new knitting skills with this project. Number 1 was reverse garter stitch, which makes up the trim around the bottom, sleeves and down the placket. It looks much nicer than regular garter. Number 2 was the three-needle bind off, which I did for the hood. It was really simple and made a nice invisible seam.

I also learned that the pattern was really poorly written, especially when it came to attaching the pocket. Even my mother, a seasoned knitter, had a hard time figuring it out. Why do people (companies) write patterns so poorly? What are they thinking?

Well, bad pattern or not, I may have to knit another one, if Karen and Jeff get two kids!

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Mom said...

The sweater looks great! I'm so proud of you. Love, Your mom