Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Too big!

As usual, I spent part of my visit at my parents' last weekend using my mom's machine to felt--this time my first pair of ballet slippers. I knit the women's medium, thinking I could shrink them to fit, but after 3-plus cycles, I gave up and decided they need to go to someone with feet bigger than a size 7.

I made them with Lamb's Pride wool, a gift from Aunt Pat. They still need to be finished with elastic and button. And it dawns on me that the button should be on the outside, so I have them on the wrong feet!

This could make a nice gift, if you know your recipient's shoe size. They're not too expensive and I knit them in a couple of weekends. Now I just need to make the women's small for myself. Maybe in Galway wool. I have some purple around here.

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