Thursday, September 21, 2006

Autumn comes...

One of the things I've loved about reading so many knitting and craft blogs over the past weeks is that so many blogger really pay attention to the change of seasons. Nearly everyone has mentioned the coming of autumn. One tried the old balance-an-egg trick. Remember that? Some are still trying to hang onto the end of summer. But most are noticing the change in the air and preparing their houses and themselves (and in one case their cell phones!) for the new season.

The change of seasons has always been spiritually meaningful for me. The cycle of seasons mirrors the life-death-new life cycle that my faith teaches me and that I see in everyday life. Fall has always been my favorite season, perhaps because as a student I always loved the new beginnings of a new school year. My heart also just really connects with the beauty of autumn's colors and even with the sadness in the leaves' passing. I think people who have experienced a lot of grief in their lives often connect with fall.

In a region like the Midwest, you never know when fall has really arrived. You wear a wool sweater one day, and the next day it's 90 degrees. But, for me, at some point I make the decision to leave summer behind and embrace the next phase of my life. And I make it official by doing the summer/winter clothes switch.

Yes, even though I have a nice large walk-in closet (made by knocking out a wall between two smaller ones) filled with lovely closet organizers, I can only fit half of my clothing in it. So twice a year, I have to haul about a half dozen blue Rubbermaid bins up from our storage unit in our condo's basement, unpack those, repack the previous season, and rehang all my clothes.

This is my pile of summer clothes piled on my bed. For a person who lives in a region where you get only a few months of weather where it's possible to wear a sundress (three, max), I have way too many summer clothes. (In fact, now that we're saving for our adoption and for the expenses of children afterward, I'm on a clothes buying moratorium. Seriously, I bet I've bought less than one item a month, if that. And that includes underwear! It's not a problem: I have enough to last me for years.)

The "before and after" of my closet is dramatic, no? I emptied out all the summer clothes but left in my purse bins (and that's my sewing machine on the floor on the left. It gets tucked behind pants; no wonder I don't use it much!) Once filled, I have pants and short skirts on the bottom left, blouses on the top left, dresses and long skirts in the middle, and a very high shoe rack on the right. Some sweaters go down the left on shelves, but most are around the two top shelves.

Thanks to extra high ceilings (since we're on the top floor), we had room for two levels of shelves, which are packed to the brim. I have sweaters (organized by color. I know, I'm a freak), my antique hat collection (in boxes, would love to display them some day), and on the right you can see my craft supplies in plastic bins. Oh, how I envy those of you who have a whole room!

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Rae said...

Oh my! Fall cleaning and prepping. It's fun to dig out, reorganize, and clean up in time for fall. Talk about a stash that you have! Imagine if that were yarn. LOL.

Happy knitting.