Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Lincoln's Layette

OK, so I am a better knitter than I am photographer (although I have won a few awards for my photos stories, believe it or not, thanks to some great photo editing by the art director at my magazine). I obviously took this photo too close and the flash washed out the cute aqua green color of this sweater, booties, hat and teddy bear knit out of Watercolors yarn. This was my first "pieced together" sweater, and I have been saving it for my friend Kristin since I learned she was pregnant last winter.

She has had a whirlwind of a pregnancy: first trouble getting pregnant in the first place, then learning from genetic testing that the baby had a fatal abnormality, then learning that the first test (from cells in the amniotic fluid) probably referred to a twin who had already died. Tests of her son, named Lincoln Milagro (Spanish for miracle), show that he is fine and should join us next month. Her shower is tomorrow, so I wrapped these all up with a copy of my friend Barbara and Mary Ruth's book, "Midwives of an Unnamed Future," which is about how we all help each other give birth to different kinds of new life. Kristin is having a ritual at her shower in which we all share "birthings" from our life and string a bead on a necklace, which she will wear during labor. Hopefully I'll have photos after tomorrow.

Now back to the next baby sweater (for my brother- and sister-in-law's little girl, due in December).

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Mary said...

Heidi, the outfit is really cute. Sorry I didn't get the stuffing for the bear for you, or did you help yourself. Be sure to visit my blog. I posted something today.
\Love, Mom