Friday, September 29, 2006

WIP Friday: I believe

Last night I had dinner with a new friend, Chris, whom I met through a mutual friend who knew we had a lot in common. Which we do: we've both written spiritual books, we've both gone through infertility, we're both considering adoption. We had some nice Thai food, and as women do, just jumped right in and shared our lives. I can tell she is a very smart, deeply spiritual woman. (She recounted the bibilical story of Samuel for me!) But, in addition to picking up the check for dinner, the greatest gift she gave me last night was that she reminded me of my own faith. These days I tend to think I don't have much, but Chris said, "I've read your adoption blog. You have faith that these children are coming." I argued with her and said that some days I really didn't, but as I walked home I realized that she was mirroring to me something I had forgotten about myself. That's a real gift. And sometimes it takes a stranger to do it for you.

For my WIP Friday project, I'm sharing more evidence of that faith, I guess. This is a blanket I'm knitting for my son, whom I originally thought might be joining our family in a few months, though now it looks like summer would be a reasonable guess. But I haven't stopped working on his blanket. It's at about 10 inches now, and although I'm almost through the first skein of yarn, I'm not quite half done. I could always buy a third skein, if I want it bigger. I love this pattern, with the diamonds. It's from a vintage book of my mother's, from which she knit me a sweater when I was baby. In retrospect, I should have gone for nicer yarn. Instead I tried to use up some cheapo yarn from my stash (I'm trying to use up all the cheapo yarn!) because I liked the color and it was washable. But I can tell I'm quickly getting to the point where cheapo yarn will not be a part of my knitting life anymore!

I took this photo outside to get some natural light and learned that the NPR weather report was correct. It's in the 30s out there! (But in true Chicago fashion, it's supposed to be 80 by Monday. If you don't like the weather, stick around a few days.) I'm feeling a bit better this morning, probably because I tried my mom's home cold remedy: rubbed Vicks Vaporub on the bottoms of my feet and put on wool socks before bed, then drank whiskey (it was supposed to be Jameson's but all I had was Jim Beam) in boiling water with lemon (only had lime juice) and honey (used Sweet and Low!) I'm still coughing a bit a congested, but definitely on the mend. Speaking of my mother, she just posted some great photos of all her bead knitting on her blog. Check it out.

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