Monday, September 25, 2006

Wisconsin purchases

Picture this: After two days in the woods, packing up our wet tent and other gear, backpacking two miles back to the car--did I mention that we hadn't even brushed our teeth?--I convince my sweet husband to stop 1.) at the cute farm produce stand where we buy apples, apple cider, homemade deep-fried doughnuts, Wisconsin-themed food gifts for his brother and sister-in-law, whom we will visit next month in Kentucky, and nice hot coffee; 2) at a little out-of-the-way (meaning not totally on the main drag from Chicago to Door County) antique shop where I find the above button collection and apron (with apples and wooden spoon design!) and finally 3) at McDonald's where he buys lunch, I brush my teeth and we both get a pumpkin off a wagon (with an honor box) for $2.

Now, I know I paid too much for these buttons. They were marked $15 and I got them for $13. But it was not only a nice full tin, but it had a separate bag of all these sparkly rhinestone ones, plus a bunch still on cards. I would have liked to pay $10 but this lady drove a hard bargain. The apron was $2.

Btw, I did not get any knitting done at jury duty today, and I barely escaped having to serve on a murder trial that looks like it will last at least a week. Twenty-eight of us spent four long hours being questioned, then the lucky 14 of us got to go home and not have to come back. I've had to report to jury duty several times before, but never gotten this close to being selected. My stomach was hurting as soon as I heard it was a murder trial. It scares me to have someone's life in my hands like that, and I couldn't stop glancing over at the defendant, who sat so still and never moved a muscle the whole afternoon. I kept feeling guilty for wanting to get out of it (I have a busy week at work, plus adoption paperwork to do, and a doctor's appointment this week, too), but then realizing how serious this trial really is: someone died, and now this man may pay for the crime. I'll have to see if I can follow the trial and see how it turns out.


Mary said...

I love to get Wisconsin gifts for when I travel out of state. I usually go to the Mason Creek Winery in Delafield and get a case of wine when we go to AZ and give it out as gifts when we are invited to dinner. I've got a box of buttons that I could sell for less than that. Ask Clare for the aprom that she has that was made by Sister Eliza.

Love, Mom

Rae said...

Overpriced or no, those buttons are pretty cool. What is it about buttons? They're awesome.

I served on a trial once for a robbery. It was interesting, and I didn't feel the same weight you faced with murder. I think I would have felt a lot different about a murder trial than a robbery trial - much more serious.

Anonymous said...

Since we can't seem to connect on the phone very much lately, I'll keep abreast of your life through your blog. Mom, which apron is that? The red gingham check one? Call me when you have time.
Love, Amy

Eren said...

Found your blog via Wee Wonderfuls and saw that you visited WI. Im in Kenosha just N of Chicago. Your blog is wonderful and I wish you many, many blessings with your two little ones!