Monday, September 25, 2006

Woodsy knitting

Oh, don't I look good after two days without a shower! My mom always says that knitting is the best craft/hobby because it's so portable, and she's right. I even took along my mini mitten project on a two-day camping trip to Door County, Wisconsin, this past weekend. And this is pack-your-gear-two-miles-from-the-car kind of camping. Still, I found room for knitting.

This is the third year we've stayed at Site #8 at Newport State Park, although we usually go in the summer. The first year a racoon ransacked our site and hissed by our tent; the second year we had a torrential thunder and lightening storm the last night, which resulted in about four inches of water between the tarp and the tent floor (like a waterbed!). This year, we lucked out. Rain was forecast the whole weekend, but we only had showers Saturday night (no thunder and lightening!) It was very relaxing: we hiked (see autumn leave-strewn path at left), read (I finally started The Time Traveler's Wife), and I knit, of course.

On the way home, Ed was kind enough to stop at one antique store that was a little off the beaten path. I found a few things and will post them later this evening. For now, I'm off to jury duty today--where I also plan to bring my knitting (and laptop. I have a story to write). What a wonderful way to spend my second wedding anniversary! And Ed has class tonight, so I may not even see him till 10 p.m. We plan to celebrate later this week, with a nice dinner at Reza's, the Middle Eastern restaurant where we had our reception. And of course he had a nice camping vacation. I'll leave you with the view from our tent, the morning after the rain.


Mary said...

You don't look bad at all! Glad you had a good weekend. I have taken my knitting along on some unusual trips--like a safari in South Africa. I knit almost a whole sweater and several pairs of mittens to felt. I hope you and Ed have a happy anniversary. That was such a fun weekend in Chicago.

Love, Mom

Creative Genius? said...

Oh you look so cute!! And it looks like so much fun! I just love camping!!! Glad you had a nice weekend!

Paula said...

Nothing better than a camping trip with a little crafting thrown in. Actually, I'm really glad to see that other people do that too. My family looks at me like I'm crazy when I whip out my knitting or cross-stitch on a camping trip. Looks like you had a wonderful weekend!

Rae said...

Blissful! Looks so relaxing and peaceful, even if you are a bit smelly (but really, so is everyone else, so no worries there). Cheers!