Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Addicted to felted sweaters

Some people are addicted to cigarettes, some to caffeine. I think I'm becoming addicted to felting sweaters. It's so easy! Much easier than knitting a whole thing and then felting it. I decided to hit the Village Thrift Store on Lawrence Avenue, a mere mile or so from house, after work yesterday. I wouldn't say this is the best thrift store in Chicago, based on my one visit there. It's mostly clothes. Lots of them. So I checked out the sweaters and found four--each less than $2. I love those greens, kind of limey but not too bright. The stripes on the men's one are very cool colors. And then a simple tan one.

I find myself wondering how different prints will end up felting, so when I saw this 100% wool Christmas one, I thought it would be worth it just to throw it in the wash and see how the trees, the moon and other designs look felted. Who knows? It may be a mess, or it may inspire some creative Christmasy crafting. The sweater is lying on what I think is a wool blanket in a cool soft sage green color, which matches our future nursey. I've washed it once already and it didn't seem to felt much. I'll give it another round and see. It was pricey, at $3.50.

This tablecloth made the whole trip worthwhile. It's a super soft cotten, probably from years of washing. It had a few stains but they were lightened considerably with OxyClean. Isn't it cute? It's square so doesn't fit any table I have right now, and it needs a good ironing, but I really love it. Do you think it's vintage? I think so. Best part: It was 90 cents.

Finally, I picked up a few things for fabric. I don't sew much, so I don't know what I was thinking, but I may need to line all those felted purses I hope to make out of all those wool sweaters I keep buying. The blue polka dot is an Eddie Bauer valence in a light blue denim with embroidered polka dots. The Hawaiin print is a napkin, and the strawberries are some fabric. I think it was approximately $2 for all three of them.

OK, no more sweaters until I make something out of at least one of them I've already bought. Scouts honor.


Rae said...

Please show pics of the felting! I can't wait to see how it turns out.

jungle dream pagoda said...

Score on the tablecloth ,yes I think it is quite vintage.

Sarah and Jack said...

Oh man! The strawberry fabric is awesome. I have a real thing for strawberries lately. The tablecloth is an old one. I have a huge collection of them (we have an older kitchen table so they fit perfectly on them). 90 cents is a real bargain.