Sunday, October 22, 2006

Baby Butler

No, not our Baby Butler, but Tom and Kremena's little girl. This is the hat and sweater I made for her. This is my new favorite baby hat pattern, with a row of eyelet and then an I-cord threaded through and tied in a bow. Would that be too feminine for a boy? (Notice the beautiful hand-quilted runner it's sitting on. Made by my sister-in-law.)

The sweater had to be brought back home, finished, and then sent because I could not remember how to do the "fake grafting" described in Stitch 'N' Bitch. I mattress stitched the sides of the arms, but then in the armhole where I had to attach top-to-top instead of side-to-side, I couldn't remember how to do that nicely. And I couldn't find it anywhere on the internet! I'll put it here as a reminder for future: Starting on the right, you come up inside the "V" in the botton, then go down inside the V in the top, not pulling too tight. Repeat. So simple. Can't believe I forgot that. (I didn't love the yarn I used this for. It was something super soft, but too thin. Can't remember the name.)

I'm taking a break from baby stuff for awhile, even though I have two friends due in the next few months. I may just whip up hats for them (although they are both having boys, so maybe the bow hat won't work.) I worked on Sam's baby blanket while in Louisville, but I was itching to start a new project when I got home, so I cast on one of those "Girlfriend Scarves" where you use up your stash with different yarns. Will post pictures of it soon.


jungle dream pagoda said...

Wow,those are beautiful,what a precious present.

Mary said...

Heidi, that is a beautiful baby gift. I bet she really appreciates it since she is also a fabric artist. I am experimenting with some more bead knitting. I also need to get the Christmas knitting done.

Love, Mom