Sunday, October 08, 2006

Belated WIP Friday

I'm coming down the home stretch with the baby sweater for my sister-in-law, who we will be visiting next weekend. I just have one sleeve left, which I'm sure I can finish tonight. Then I need to find some cute (but not too cute--that's not her style) buttons to finish it off. I didn't love this yarn. It was cheap, but at least very soft. And I'm sure their daughter will only wear it a few times before she grows out of it. She's due December 3. I'm trying to be OK with the fact that they're having the first grandchild on that side, even though we've been trying for two years. I'm not jealous, so much as sad. :(

Don't my flowers look great in the background? The windowboxes turned out well this year, even if I was late getting them in (because of our porch debacle.)


Rae said...

There's always enough love in the world for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th . . . . Yours will be even more special with all of the effort you've gone through.

I think you're amazingly kind to knit a baby present for someone else. Hang in there.

Mary said...

Great looking sweater and flowers. I am back from Aunt Pat's and Brainerd. It was a long trip. Turns out it was about 500 miles from here to Brainerd. Cal drove from Coon Rapids (suburb of the Twin Cities) and it was beautiful fall colors all the way. Now the leaves are starting to fall.

Love, Mom

Mary said...

What is WIP?

Rebecca said...

I was the first grandchild and the 4th grandchild got way more attention than me. :) Okay, they loved us all but like Rae said, there's loads of grandparents love!

I love the sweater! I enjoy knitting baby things probably because they are small and I might actually finish it.