Thursday, October 12, 2006

Felting sweaters tutorial

OK, so a couple of people have asked about felting sweaters, so I'll share the "secret." Here are the steps (see photo above with a pomegranate for scale--oops my feet are showing!) Don't you love pomegranates? I eat as many as possible when they're in season. But I digress. Back to the tutorial:

1. Find an old wool sweater. It works best if it's 100% wool, but some blends work if it's a high wool content. Look for cool stripes or colors.

2. Take sweater, put it in a pillowcase or lingerie bag (to protect your washer hose) and throw it in your washer. Run it through a cycle with hot water. If you have a top-loading washer, you can pull it out and check how it's doing.

3. For more delicate felting projects I don't put it through the spin cycle, which means I have to do this at the home of someone who has a top-loading washer. Mine is front loading so I just run it through the whole cycle, spin and all.

4. Repeat #2 if you can still see the knitted stitches. Most of the time I do two cycles.

5. Let dry. Ta-da! You have a felted sweater, ready to be cut up on and turned into anything you can imagine.

So, now that that's taken care of, I want to mention some cool things I've seen lately on others blogs: I really want to buy this crafster book. And I'd love to make this Banana pumpkin bread. I have a bunch of my grandfather's old ties (will show you an cool project I did with them later) but I also like this bag with ties. And since I love all things autum-related, someday I'm going to knit this Knit acorn. But I really love these Advent calendars and the Perpetual calendar with cookie sheet. How creative is that?

Tonight I just bought six of these fun Halloween things. Mom and Amy, don't click! I'm giving you one as a gift. Can you believe I just bought $45 worth of those?! I was thinking it was funny that I thrift $4 dresses, but then blow money on little gifts from Crate and Barrell. But I guess it's because I do thrift that I can afford to do this every once in awhile.

I'm off to Kentucky, first for a few days of fun in Lexington and then for a work conference in Louisville. I hope to do some knitting, thrifting and maybe even a post or two from there. If not, see you next week.


jungle dream pagoda said...

thanx for the toot ,I've been curios about that . I'll let you know when I try it.

Renee said...

You're so creative, Heidi!
I hope all of your friends like the spatulas! I think they're so cute, but I'm a sucker for any kitschy fall things.

Anonymous said...

Yayyyy, now I have a new project to try! Thank you for the secret! Cool fall gadgets! Have a good trip!