Friday, October 27, 2006

Girlfriend scarf

The best female friendships are about encouraging full personhood, giving the other permission to follow her Big Wisdom, even when it means going out on a limb, even when it means her thread takes her away from safe conventionalities. (Sue Monk Kidd, The Dance of the Dissident Daughter)

I've decided to start my posts with a spiritual/inspirational quote (an idea I borrowed from Juju Loves Polka Dots, who goes more for funny and quirky quotes). Since today I'm posting my Girlfriend Scarf, I thought I'd share a quote on women friends. Sue Monk Kidd is better known as the author of The Secret Life of Bees, but before she was a bestselling fiction novelist, she wrote some great feminine spirituality nonfiction. I also love When the Heart Waits.

Back to knitting: This is called a "Girlfriend Scarf," because you're supposed to get together with all your knitting girlfriends and share your leftover yarn, then knit a scarf lengthwise using a variety of different yarns. While I was going through my yarn stash to prepare for my Craft Supplies Swap, I realized that I had a lot of cool yarns in turquoise and purple (above). So I knit this scarf (below) sort of as a stash-buster.

I guess that's not much of a Girlfriend Scarf, if it was all my own yarn. I have a lot of wonderful girlfriends; unfortunately none of them knits. But this scarf also could be somewhat symbolic of the self-imposed isolation I've been having a bit lately. Usually when something goes wrong, I run to my friends for help. With our adoption problems, I have had a really hard time reaching out, except to one or two people. But even though I'm not talking to them every day, a group of my women friends are praying for me everyday (at noon). So in some ways, even though the yarn is all mine, I feel like they're there in the stitches somehow.


Mary said...

I am surprised at this. It is a FRIENDSHIP SCARF, not a girlfirend scarf. When I made one of these at a Knit-in, there was a male there and I'm sure he would have been offended to have heard this called a "Girlfiend" scarf. Isn't this the politically correct era?

Love, Mom
BTW, the colors are really great!

Anonymous said...

Heidi-your scarf is very pretty, love the color combination. I wanted to let you know I posted pics of the swap goodies you sent, and am loving everything. You mentioned on one of my posts that crafting is a way to release your emotions when the times are rough, I so agree with you there, you get lost in your project and forget even if it's for a moment, what our troubles are. I hope your adoption woes turn into positive news soon. hugs, lucy

Rebecca said...

That is so touching and the scarf is gorgeous. What a wonderful thing for it to respresent. I'm thinking of you, too, and hope you get good news on the adoption front, too.


Paula said...

Beautiful post and beautiful scarf. My thoughts and prayers floating your way for some good adoption news soon.

Anonymous said...

I love the colours of the yarn...can I have it lol