Friday, October 20, 2006

Lexington loot

This is the way expensive yarn I sprung for in Lexington, because I fell in love with the cute "Popcorn" (by Crystal Palace in "Fruit Salad") and then decided I might as well buy this beautiful cotton (Rowan "Calmer"--$11.95 a skein) because it matched perfectly. I can't believe I spent almost $50 on yarn for a children's sweater but I did. I figured the colors worked for boy and girl, so at least both of my kids will get to wear it.

While in Lexington my understanding brother-in-law arranged for me to stop at the popular thrift shop near the college called "Jonk." It was really funky, lots of cool stuff, but marked up for non-thrifters. I think my guide is aprons: If they're a dollar or two, it's my kind of place. If they're $6-8, it's a fun place to browse but not buy. The aforementioned brother-in-law also stopped at a garage sale for me, where I bought three small pieces of non-vintage fabric for 50 cents. The blue gingham reminds me of my room when I was a girl.

The cool Japanese fabric is from a nice little bag brought as a gift from my globetrotting sister-in-law, who travels all over for work and sometimes for fun. She just got back from Japan, was in Greece last month and next month goes to New Zealand. I haven't caught the Japanese craft bug yet, but I did realy love this fabric. Thanks, Trish!


Creative Genius? said...

I have seen women make felted bags with Cascade 220 and that popcorn yarn... comes our REALLY nice!

Anonymous said...

I really really love the yarn color, even though it's a lavish purchase, your sweaters will be keepsakes well worth it and priceless to your children. Hey and you saved on the fabric, so it all balances out :)