Wednesday, October 18, 2006

My old Kentucky stuff comes home

That title is supposed to be a play on the song title, "My Old Kentucky Home." At work, we always say if you have to explain it, it's not that good. Point well taken. But I couldn't think of anything better. I'm back from my Kentucky trip. My meeting in Louisville ended yesterday after lunch, then I spent the whole afternoon walking around the town and hitting thrift shops. It was too fun (and good exercise. I bet I walked almost 10 miles).

I had googled and found a list of thrift stores, then mapquested them and set out walking. There were several funky secondhand clothes shops (although several on my list had closed. Lesson: Call first.) I got two dresses on clearance at a hip shop called Cherry Bomb. Most of their stuff was over my price limit, but the flower power dress (below, left) and cute pink/green dress (below, center) were on clearance for $2 each. The left one is clearly labeled maternity but it doesn't look like it (this was back when women only gained 15-20 pounds!) so I may wear it. The second is too small, but I loved the fabric so will cut it up.

My most successful stop was actually my first, just a few blocks from my hotel, which I had spied en route to a happy hour the night before. Turned out to be one of the cleanest and most orderly St. Vincent de Paul stores I have ever seen, and I told the cashier that. She seemed very proud. I got the vintage pink floral sheet there ($2) and these amazing '60s curtains (below) also for $2. Is that print fun or what? They are trimed with brown ruffles. Those will have to go. Not sure what to use this for, but I liked it. Something kitchen-y, although it doesn't match my kitchen.

Another vintage find from St. Vinnie's is a set of six of these Christmas napkins (below). The print is so fun and I love that it combines red, green, and pink. Who would have thought those would work together. These were also $2.

I also found some nice baby clothes there: pair of baby Gap overalls ($1), a cute new-looking outfit with a barn on it ($2) and a funny cow book (75 cents). I'll post this stuff over on my adoption blog soon.

One of my other stops was a totally funky store whose style I loved, but whose prices I didn't. Clearly the owners and I would be competing for similar stuff at garage sales. But I can't see myself paying $8 for an apron, when I just got one for $1 last week at an estate sale--and it was nicer. Still, it was fun to browse. I was temped by some vintage fabric, but then I realized for three pieces, it would have been over $20 so I put it back.

On the way home I accidentally ran across a Goodwill, so I stopped and found two little boys' Nautica swimming trunks, each 50 cents. In the PJ bin, I found a satin nightshirt with the perfect colors to line my purple felted bag I knit last year.

My feet hurt at the end of the day, but how often so I have a whole afternoon to thrift at such a leisurely pace? It was a really nice gift to myself after two days of meetings. Tomorrow I'll share more of my loot from Lexington.


Anonymous said...

Heidi, sounds like you had a great trip and a wonderful leisurely day of thrifting--and what wonderful treasures!! I'm glad you had such good luck and good fortune.

Do you have counter or bar stools? Maybe you can make cushions or pillows w/the curtains?


jungle dream pagoda said...

Those Christmas napkins are off the chain!!! You lucky girl.

Rebecca said...

You did really well on your trip! (Love the Rowan yarn by the way, I'm totally a yarn splurger. That's why I try to avoid "nice" yarn stores becuase if I feel it, I buy it. :) I spent $40 on a trip to New Orleans on some fancy alpaca.)

Those cutie curtains could be an apron (I'm sure you've thought of this) or maybe you can make them into pot holders in the shape of those chefs???