Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Slovak Estate Sale

So I hit another estate sale last weekend, this time it was a Slovak woman, who had been married twice and hadn't decorated since the 70s. Her kitchen had brown mushroom wallpaper, and the upstairs attic had orange flowers cut out of Contact paper and pasted on the walls. I almost cried when I walked into the bedroom and saw her wedding dress for sale. Is this what happens--no one in her family wanted her wedding dress? That makes me sad. Although I didn't buy it, I did pick up one nice thing from her wardrobe: that adorable beaded sweater I'm wearing above. It was marked $20 but the organizers went down to $10 in a second. Prices were medium at this sale, but they were really willing to bargain. I think this sweater is from the 50s, it's gorgeous and really heavy. I wore it to a women's group gathering on Sunday and it was a hit!

Why am I so drawn to things shaped like fruits and veggies? I don't know, but I am. It's funny how you learn what you like. After going to the Sandwich antiques fair with my friend Karen a few times, she noticed I loved furniture with little drawers. Well these little jelly holders (I think that's what they are) were so cute and I got them for $1. The strawberry has some chips in the paint, but the grape is perfect. Can you imagine then on a brunch buffet filled with jam? The crocheted potholders were in perfect condition and $2 for two.

These painted Easter eggs weren't the only clue the family was Slovak (some are wooden, two are blown eggs). There also was some traditional Slovak costumes, some books, and some photos of the gentleman in some Slovak organizations. This tea towel was hand stitched. The eggs were $1, so was the towel.

Finally, there was a bag of sewing stuff, although a lot of it was thread (on wooden spools though). There were a few buttons, three metal thimbles, some needle cards and this adorable cherry applique. Then there was this wooden thing. It's about 6-8 inches high. Does anyone have a clue what it is? I also got two pair of earrings ($1 each) and another pair of pinking shears (Henckles, in a box, $2).

A very successful estate sale, I would say. And would you believe I got this all home on my bike?


Paula said...

Good loot! The sweater is beautiful. I know what you mean about estate sales. Very sad to see things such as the wedding dress there. Is there nobody left in the family who cares about these things?

Mary said...

It is a darning egg. You put it inside a sock and then sew over it to darn holes in socks. I used to have one just like it, maybe it was my mothers. I don't know where it is. I love the sweater.

Love, Mom

jungle dream pagoda said...

Ofcourse you got it all home on a bike we thrifters are quite determined!That sweater is off the preverbial chain!

Renee said...

I love the eggs! Those are a Polish tradition too, I believe. My Polish grandmother had some that were very similar in her curio cabinet.

Sarah and Jack said...

Wow, the eggs are really amazing.