Sunday, October 22, 2006

Weekend thrifting

Gratuitous cute baby photo! Is little 10-day-old Lincoln cute or what? There he is on my husband's shoulder; his daddy's in the background. Here's how this connects to thrifting: On the way to visit him Friday after work, I stopped at the Salvation Army near Kristin and Jon's house. I found lots in the linen department (for a total of $20).

First, (top photo, from left) a cute pink and green pillowcase, a lovely vintage brown and blue curtain, a sheet printed with cartoon panels (adorable!) and a vintage napkin.

Then a yard or two of an Asian red and black silk print and several yards of red moire taffeta (p9olyster), perfect for Christmas crafts. Then I got a bunch of decorator samples, about one foot square in a bunch of cute kiddie prints, hopefully for appliqueing on clothes or something. Love those little froggies.

Of course, when I went to work on felt purses the next day, none of these matched for lining the ones I was working on! That's the problem with buying fabric without a specific purpose in mind: You have to have quite a collection to have a good selection for what you need. That is why I swore I would stop buying craft supplies unless I had a specific purpose in mind. Of course, that means usually paying full price and lots of runs to Joann's and Michael's. I like thrifting for fabric and supplies, but with so little storage room, I hope I can find room to keep all these cool fabrics that I don't have any idea what I'm going to use them for. How I envy all of your with your studios and craft rooms!


Apron Thrift Girl said...

Where do you normally sew Heidi? Do you have any space under your bed for storing fabric? My fabrics are in those metal baskets that they sell at Ikea. Some of them fit under the bed. I recently have seperated my fabric into colors such as red in one basket and orange in another (or sharing if you don't have as much room). When it is time to do a craft, I take my main fabric color and see if I can match it up with my thrifted fabric. This is how I did my Halloween Banner.

Rebecca said...

I love love LOVE that brown and blue curtain. I'm in a mind to make a curtain for my bathroom in that colorway, I have some fabric that is striped and similar. I, too, buy fabric and then hope it works as linings for knit bags. My sewing is not going so well (mostly because I'm back to be afraid of trying AND all the cursing was starting to scare the neighbors.) I don't have loads of fabric but I fold mine and store in on a book shelf. I do have a craft room though so I shouldn't talk. Lincoln is a cutie for sure!