Monday, November 20, 2006

Christmas planning

"We can have the best eyes in the world, but in pitch-black darkness our eyes are of little use to us. We need light in order to see our way. Advent is a season for Christ, our Light, to break through our spiritual darkness." (Joyce Rupp, Welcome the Light: Daily Devotions for Advent)

Blogger finally let me post this photo of the vintage tablecloth I found at Value City last weekend. I don't have a round table, but I love it.

Everyone else is blogging about all their Christmas preparations. I tend to be a pretty organized Christmas person, if only because I don't like the stress of leaving everything to the last minute. I've been knitting these for over a month now, and even delivered some of my packages during my visit to northern Wisconsin for my Grandma's birthday. (Though lately my crafting time is spent knitting baby gifts and making Purse-onalities.)

I tend to do my gifts in groups: first all my extended non-kid relatives and friends (aunts, godparents, grandma), then my godchildren and families with kids (Misiewiczs, Korths, Etten-Bohms), then my immediate families (mine and Ed's) and finally a few close friends in Chicago. I already have Group 1 done and delivered, and my goal is to have Group 2 done by the first weekend in December. I like to get the ones that have to be mailed done as soon as possible.

I'm lucky that I get all my baking done during Cookie Baking Weekend, except for the tons of batches of toffee I also make as gifts. More and more, I like giving people food. Everybody has too much stuff anyway. I'm trying to get my family to exchange gifts of themselves: Last year my best gift was my brother, who gave me the gift of installing my new kitchen lights. This year we'll have babysitting vouchers on our list!

The only Christmas task that always trips me up is cards. This year, I may hold off to see if we have a referral by New Year's. I'd be great to send a photo of our new son with our cards this year. Fingers crossed.


Mary said...

Where did you get the brother that installed your lights? Is there something I don't know about?

Love, Mom

PS Blogger keeps asking me if I want to update it? Should I?

jungle dream pagoda said...

Faboo tablecloth,great score!

Anonymous said...

It does sound like you are completely incontrol of the season. I think you are right about so many of us have too much stuff. I get discouraged looking for gifts for those on my list that really have it all...what is that I could give that would make them smile, or be grateful for??? I like to give food and treats, too. Toffee sounds good, I've never tried making it before...hmmm more ideas!!