Monday, November 13, 2006

Cuban clutches and Delle's "home-going"

"In fall, nature knocks you down with color. A little goes a long way, too. How beautiful some endings can be!" (my friend Delle Chatman, who died last week at 52 of ovarian cancer)

This is my bedroom dresser (sorry for the bad lighting), which used to be piled with junk but is now very serene and zen, thanks to my neighbor Leigh Ann (whose birthday we celebrated at a fun party Saturday night). Leigh Ann makes cigar box purses and jewelry boxes. I finally bought three of them to organize all my jewlery.

Look at how pretty that is! She lines the boxes with ultrasuede fabric, and lately has been using these fun animal prints. Each jewelry box has two levels, so you can store lots of stuff. Leigh Ann really takes her time to make it all look very neat and professional. And she collects the coolest different cigar boxes to make her purses and boxes out of.

I'm not a huge jewelry person; in fact, I'm lucky if I remember to put on a pair of earrings each morning. But, thanks to some really nice gifts from my husband, family and friends, I've really amassed quite a nice collection. I have a decent number of cool vintage pieces, too, many from my grandmother.

While you're looking at these nice photos of my newly organized dresser, I'll tell you what else I did on Saturday, before Leigh Ann's party--I went to the most amazing funeral I've ever been to (although Patty Crowley's was pretty cool, too.) It was for my friend Delle Chatman, quoted above, who died on election day. I first met Delle when I interviewed her for the story that got me in trouble with the Vatican.

Eventually I ended up at her parish, St. Gertrude's in Edgewater, where she regularly preached. (Yes, a woman preaching at a Catholic church.) She was one of the most deeply spiritual women I know, and I was lucky to call her a friend. We will all miss her dearly, none as much as her almost-12-year-old daughter, Ramona, who sang this amazing song at the funeral and gave a eulogy. She is a chip off the old block. In leiu of flowers, Delle asked that we spend quality time with Ramona. One of Delle's last emails had this P.S.: "Brothers and sisters, either we believe in eternal life or we don't!" Amen, sister!


Rebecca said...

What a sweet tribute to your friend. She sounds like one amazing woman!

I am also impressed by Leigh Ann's handiwork! I've been collecting cigar boxes myself (Luis treats himself to one every special event and I can't resist buying the empty boxes for $1)and I never know what to do with them. What a clever idea!

Anonymous said...

Delle sounds like she was a very inspiring and spiritual woman. I'm sorry for your loss and for Ramona's.

Your dresser looks very Zen! Wow, I could take some lessons from you on that front. Love the jewelry boxes, too. Kudos to Leigh Ann.

Snowbear said...

sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. She sounds like a special human being.

Rae said...

Very touching to hear your rememberances of your friend. I feel for her daughter and hope she has support through her life.

The dresser is beautiful! Very fall-like, clean, and peaceful. ;)