Tuesday, November 07, 2006

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

"Never worry about the size of your Christmas tree. In the eyes of children, they are all 30 feet tall." (Larry Wilde, quoted in At Home with Our Faith)

As you can see from the photo, the assembly line is in process for the mini mittens. I've been knitting them for a month or so, and last week sat down and did the felt cutouts and buttons. I think I did seven pair. Already, four pair have been delivered as Christmas gifts. Yes, I'm delivering gifts already. Although I save lots of $$ by making gifts, I spend so much in postage, because so many people on my list are out of town. So I try to at least save by hand delivering to relatives when I see them in the fall, which I did last weekend for my Grandma's 95th birthday in northern Wisconsin. (More about that in a future post).

Although I hate to skip over Thanksgiving, which is a lovely holiday and which I plan to spend with my parents this year in Wisconsin, I do have the Christmas spirit already. It's fun to see all the other bloggers starting Christmas gifts and decorations. I won't go overboard this year, as we have a lot of other stuff going on with the adoption. We're just learning about all the preparation that goes into being ready to travel by January or February. Lots to do!

Anyway, here are some other cool Christmas crafts I've seen from other bloggers:

  • Rebecca's yo-yo and wooden spool Christmas trees. Adorable and easy!
  • A tutorial on raggy Christmas garland from Norththreads. Probably too country for me, but looks easy.
  • I finally signed up for the Vintage Christmas Swap. Should be fun. I don't have tons of vintage Christmas stuff, so I'd better hit some thrift shops this weekend (and of course I kicking myself for not picking up some stuff at the estate sale I went to last month. There was TONS of vintage Christmas.)


Rebecca said...

Your mittens look great! I'm terrible with DPNs. I can DO it but I don't always enjoy it. :) I can also picture them all strung together like a garland.

Thanks for the "shout out" on my yo yo trees and for the link to Norththreads, how did I miss that blog??

PS - hope you'll be traveling soon!

Mary said...

Those are really cute all lined up like that. Check my blog for the next installment of Sam's top-down Aran sweater.

Love, Mom

linda t said...

Hey, where in WI?
I grew up on a dairy farm in WI... am now living in Phx, AZ. I soooo miss the four seasons!
I wish we could go back there some year for the Holidays. I miss being snowed in and knitting, crocheting and sewing for days on end...
Thanks for the inspiration to get back to doing what I loved doing while growing up on the farm!