Friday, November 10, 2006

Rice Lake thrifting

"The love of one's country is a splendid thing. But why should love stop at the border?" (Spanish cellist Pablo Csals)

Am I celebrating the Democrats' big win? You betcha. My sister worked especially hard, making calls for I made a few myself. I've been reading lots of craft blogs this week and am happy to see that many of my creative sisters share my sentiments about the current administration and its direction or lack thereof.

I'm playing catch-up today, posting some thrifting goodies from last weekend. My sister and I arrived in Rice Lake only a few hours before my grandma's birthday party last Saturday, but cousin Stacey helped us squeeze in some quick shopping at a cool vintage store. They had very nice stuff but it was marked up past my comfort level. Aprons: $5-7, if you know what I mean. And here I thought a smaller town might mean bigger bargains.

My sister was nice enough to drop me at the St. Vincent de Paul's right near our hotel for a quick, 15-minute sweep while she hit the nearby Shopko to get a birthday card and cold medicine for her daughter. They had a nice craft section, but I got the feeling that others had combed it before me. (It was late Saturday afternoon.) But I found the apron (above) for less than $2 (it had a stain and is soaking in Oxyclean right now). Someone handstitched "The Lord Bless and Keep You" in a color a little too close to the fabric color. I also grabbed some pink bias tape or 50 cents, two cool Christmas napkins (not vintage but cute fabric) and an AWESOME already felted purple sweater (background but hard to see) for $1.50 on clearance. Not bad for 15 minutes. And always nice to come home with something thrifted while out of town.

On Thursday after work, I stopped at the Mt. Sinai Thrift Shop on Diversey here in Chicago, which is right of the Brown Line, my train. I've walked by this hundreds of times but finally figured out that they're open on Thursdays till 7 (and Tuesdays, I guess, too). They had some cool stuff. Here's what I didn't buy:

  • Two nice striped sweaters for felted purses (They were $5 and $7)
  • A gorgeous vintage floral tablecloth in pristine condition (It was $25!)
  • A small white pitcher with a lemon on it (shoulda...)
  • A set of Franciscan dishes in the pattern Whirl-a-gig, with sage green leaves. I loved it and there were bunches of pieces, including a platter, all for $15. I tried to justify that I could probably sell it on ebay, then talked myself out of that, and then came home to check and realized, yes, I probably could. Problem is, I like it, but I have no business getting more dishes. I might go back and get it.

The only thing I did get was this $3 sheet in bright green polka dots. I love that the edge was finished with three different fabrics. Already finished edges are great for purse linings.

While I'm making lists, here are few cool things I've seen on the 'net recently:

  • Baby bibs from washcloths from Jinjur
  • A list of patterns for knitting food, including a ham sandwich and a tofu pincushion. I kid you not.
  • Wool leaf garland by Shanna of Pink Trees posted at Scarlet Tanager. I am so going to make this.


Sarah and Jack said...

Speaking of no business buying more dishes, I did just that this weekend. Oy, I have a lot of dishes! $25 for a tablecloth? I dont even think they are that pricey at that antique mall here!

Rebecca said...

Wow, that thrift sounds like some I've been to here in NYC. Yikes! I do think your sheet was a good buy though, you know you coul;dn't buy that much fabric for $3. :)

And how much do I LOVE that leaf garland! I'll make one, too. I like anything in garland form ha ha