Thursday, November 02, 2006

Saints alive!

The world needs saints who have genius, just as a plague-stircken town needs doctors. Where there is a need, there is also an obligation. (Simone Weil, quoted in Kenneth Woodward's Making Saints)

Happy Belated All Saints Day (Nov. 1) and current All Souls Day (Nov. 2). Who is the patron saint of thrifting? I don't think there is one. But whoever it was, he/she was watching over me on Halloween night, as I had much vintage linen shopping success at the Village Thrift on Lawrence. Check out that cute apron. Only 60 cents! I kid you not. Almost didn't see it, as I had been picking through linens for a half an hour and was getting bored. I love the stair-step shape.

Remember the story from last weekend about how I didn't pick up the chenille bedspread right away at the garage sale and lost it. It was $10. Well, at Village I found one for $4. A nice white, twin-sized one with only one tiny hole. I'd love to cut it up and make it into something but that seems criminal when it's in such good shape. We'll see. Not sure how old it is. It's not the fuzzy chenille (like the blue one that got away) but the plainer kind. Still, a great find. (It's in the background of the next photo.)

But look what's on top of it! Counterclockwise from the top: a set of placemats and napkins with roosters and other cute, Eastern European looking motifs. Not sure how old these are but they are in near-perfect condition, maybe even never used. Then the hand-stitched owl towel. Any major owl collectors out there? I might be willing to sell it. Then this cool fabric--two dishtowels and a napkin, I think--with the Chinese restaurant motif. Love it. Finally a Irish linen tea towel with bars of Ireland on it. Looks newish, but excellent shape. Less than $10 for all of it.

Then I picked up all these emboidered linen towels. They're small, probably for a guest bathroom? I can't tell if they're old or not. Anyone have any guesses? They look hand embroidered and are kind of starched. The napkin in the top righthand corner is definitely vintage, and the hand embroidered doilies look old too. All this stuff was 40-60 cents each.

Finally, I found some decorator fabric in some cool greens. The one on the left will work for lining a sweater purse I'm working on. I also found a pillowcase (not pictured) that will work for another sweater purse. And I picked up two ties for handles for sweater purses. And last but not least, of course, some sweaters for felting. I'll show those in another post


jungle dream pagoda said...

Woo Hoo!!! what a score!

Paula said...

Wow! You've found some many wonderful thrifting treasures lately. That apron is great. What a fun pattern. I really like the colors, too.

Anonymous said...

I really really like the fabric on the right! You found some terrific deals, isn't it fun to find all these treasures??