Sunday, November 26, 2006

Weekend in Wisconsin

"So in this month of Thanksgiving, we can be thankful for the trials of the past, the blessings of the present, and be heartily ready at the same time to embrace with joy any troubles the future may bring us." (Dorothy Day, By Little and By Little: The Selected Witings of Dorothy Day)

See that turkey? I did nothing but debone it after dinner. My mom (left) cooked a wonderful TG meal, including homemade pies (see photo below), both pumpkin and mincemeat. I did cut out those cute leaves for the top of the mincemeat pie.

Ed and I had a nice relaxing visit with my parents over the long weekend. My mom and I did a little craft shopping on Friday (I usually like to support the Buy-Nothing boycott on Black Friday, but does crafting supplies count?) We also hit the big Craft Fair USA, which was decent though not wonderful. I got some homemade soap that has Leinenkugel's beer in it. My mom got some cute cutting boards made out of Corian and shaped like the state of Wisconsin.

This is what the men did after Thanksgiving.

And there was knitting. I decided to finally try knitting a sock. I always like to have a project that my mom can help with when I go home. I got as far as "turning the heel" (not as hard as I thought it would be) and now am knitting down to the toe. I figured I'll do the toe next weekend, when I'm once again home for Cookie Baking Weekend.

We came home Saturday from Wisconsin. (See adoption website later tonight for the latest addition to our family. Hint: it's not a child.) I spent the rest of the weekend making "Purse-onalities" to get ready for the house show this Sunday. I'll post more photos of those tomorrow.

And details about Cookie Baking will be coming soon. Let me just tell you this: Thousands of cookies are baked.

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Anonymous said...

You must of had such a nice time with your family! I wish I could have spent TG with my mom. Isn't it nice that they are still teaching us things no matter how old we are??

Thank you again for your "surprise", I appreciate your thoughtfulness more than I can say!