Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Weekend thrifting

"Mankind has to get out of violence only through nonviolence. Hatred can only be overcome by love." (Gandhi, a few hours before he was assassinated)

The only estate sale of interest this weekend was way out in the western suburbs of Forest Park, which would have meant two buses and a train, so I decided to pass. But I did take one bus to one garage sale, which was supposed to be a resale shop going out of business, but was really just the junk. I did get one gold curtain panel, which should match the trim I bought two weekends ago. Maybe pillows?

Since the Village Thrift was on the way home from this particular sale, and because I needed more vintage ties for the recycled sweater "Purse-onalities" (photos of my new ones to be posted soon), I planned a quick stop, where I once again scored.

First, I found another chenille bedspread, this one in perfect condition, not sure how old, for $4. This fabric has "man" written all over it: sports, TV, beer and pretzels. Sexist, but kind of cute.

This is a coverlet, pieced but not quilted. I love the bird fabric but not the country-ish heart border. I may cut it up.

Finally, sweaters galore. The ones on the left are already felted. That argyle will be a cool purse. The three on the right still need to go through the washer. At the rate I'm buying sweaters, I should have about a dozen purses soon. I've got two more cut out and ready to go...

There also was a gorgeous vintage Christmas tablecloth, but blogger won't let me post it, so I'll have to show it later...


Rebecca said...

I can't wait to see the argyle purse. Have you decided to sell them? Perhaps on Etsy? I love the name "purse-onalitis!"

Mary said...

You are really accumulating a bunch of fabric. If you get too many sweaters, go to This person makes coats out of relted recycled sweaters. She was at the Jefferson Sheep and Wool festival (I didn't go) and my friends said they were the most beautiful coats they had ever seen.

Love, Mom

jungle dream pagoda said...

Love the birdies and the chenille bed throw!