Wednesday, November 22, 2006

When will I learn???

"In the winter it was easier for me to believe in God, and I suppose it had to do with the new weather, with the color of leaves clinging to trees, with the smoke in the fireplaces of big houses in opulent neighborhood where I would ride my bike. I half believed that if God lived in one of those neighborhoods, he would invite me in, make me hot chocolate, and talk to me while his kids played Nintendo and stabbed dirty looks over their shoulders." (Donald Miller, Blue Like Jazz)

Look at that beautiful plate! It--and a whole set of dishes like it--could have been mine. But noooooo, I made the cardinal mistake of thrifting once again: I hestitated.

It was about 10 days ago, during my first visit to the Mt. Sinai Thrift Shop on Diversey. This is a nicer (and more expensive) shop than, say, the Salvation Army or Village. I was attracted to the dishes because I love anything with fall leaves. When I turned it over and saw that it was a Franciscan pattern, I thought: This might be worth more than the $15 they're asking. Maybe I should buy it and sell it on Ebay.

But I decided to wait and go home and check if it is collectible. Of course, it is. A platter (which was included in this otherwise incomplete set) sold on Ebay for $15 alone. So I decided to go back when I could, which was last night. Of course, it was gone. I was so sad! I looked all around and asked the clerk, but she thought it had been sold. I bought a few other things because they were having a 50% off housewares sale (will post photos later) but couldn't stop kicking myself for passing this up. Of course, I had since decided not to sell it on Ebay but to keep it for myself! Now I will forever be looking for Francican Whirl-a-gig pattern china. I guess we all have our stories about the "ones that got away." What are yours?

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Rebecca said...

I am very sad for you. That is beautiful china BUT now you have a quest. And you have shared your quest with your fellow thrifters which of course means that now we have a quest, too. To find that china pattern!

I'm trying to think of the one that got away but nothing is coming to mind now. I do often see things in other people's carts and wish I would have gotten to it first!

So lesson learned, if you like it enough to go home and look it up, you should get it. Though $15 would have made me hesitate as well.