Friday, December 22, 2006


"All is calm, all is bright..." (Silent Night)

You know that feeling, when everything comes together? When all the preparation is done and the dinner party goes off without a hitch? When the last of the presents are bought and you can relax and know that there's nothing left you have to do? That's where I am now.

Yesterday I finished our last big pre-Christmas project: packing for our trip to Philadelphia to spend a week with my husband's family. We were lucky enough to just miss all the airport mess from the Denver storm and arrived on time. Today we did a quick trip to the store for a few last-minute gifts and Christmas cards (I always end up writing those during the holidays). Now we can relax and just enjoy friends and family.

A lot of bloggers are taking a break this next week, but I finally have the time to do some blog reading and hope to catch up on them, so don't be surprised if you see a few belated comments from me! I also brought some knitting with me, so I may have a few things to post. Christmas at my in-laws is definitely low-key: I already took two naps today!

I'm lucky that I didn't feel too stressed this year, despite two dinner parties and travel earlier than usual. I kept thinking, "How much harder would this be with a baby?" I guess we'll find out next year. Some people are either stressing out that they won't get it all done or finally admitting that some well-meaning plans won't happen. I try to be realistic, and to plan ahead. I like this challenge that I learned about from A Very Mary Design who referenced this. It calls for making one gift a month next year, so as not to be stressed out in December. I may try to do that.

While I'm on vacation, I'm going to spend some time letting my creative imagination go wild. I might have time to read this cool website I discovered at Artsy Mama. I'll definitely go back over all the blog posts I've clipped the past few months. I may hit a thrift shop here in Philadelphia. When I get back home, I'll be sure to start making more recycled felt purses and start figuring out what to do with all my felt scraps.

I know I only have four Blogline subscribers here, but I sense there are a few more of you out there reading regularly. After the new year, I think I'll have a contest to try to get some lurkers to post a comment! I thank all of you who follow my knitting, crafty and thrifting pursuits and who have gotten to know me over the past year. I wish you all a wonderful holiday and many blessings in 2007! Now, back to those Christmas cards...


Nicki said...

I'm a lurker - I love your blog! And you are my holiday idol! You've inspired me....maybe next year! haha

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas, Heidi!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Heidi!! I hope you have a wonderfully relaxing vacation with your inlaws. It's a great idea to do a handmade gift a month and not be so stressed during the holidays to get it all done. I definitely may try that!

Enjoy your blog reading!