Saturday, December 09, 2006

Baby news

"A new baby is like the beginning of all things--wonder, hope, a dream of possiblities." (Eda J. Le Shan)
Today I went to a "Sip and See" for my friend Staci and her new baby Frederic. I think this may be a Chicago thing: Friends host a get-together, wine is served, and we all get to meet the new baby. I brought Freddy a new hat, booties and teddy bear, which I knit out of that Lion's Brand Watercolors yarn. I like the soft colors.

In other baby news, my sister-in-law delivered little Elena Torodova Butler this morning in an amazingly short labor. And my good friend D'Arcy headed to the hospital this afternoon to bring her son William into the world! I've already knit Elena a sweater and hat, but Will is coming a few weeks early so I'm behind. Meanwhile, I'll be knitting these tonight for the last of my mailed Christmas packages, which will go in the mail Monday. I need two more pair!

Our own baby news, alas, is not so happy. Seems that the dossier papers we rushed to our agency before Thanksgiving are still not back from the embassy in D.C. Which I find hard to believe, as other agencies say this process takes one or two days. So our dossier has not yet gone to Vietnam, and the big "rules might change" meeting is Tuesday. I'm so sad today, because I know for sure now that the possibility of a referral before the end of the year is impossible now. In fact, I'm afraid we're back to thinking we might meet Sam sometime this spring. How that will affect our China adoption, with the new rules there, I don't know. I should be posting about this on our adoption website, but somehow I'm afraid to, because then it makes if official, somehow. I'm hoping to hear from our agency on Monday, so we'll see what they say then.


Anonymous said...

Heidi, I will pray that you get good news soon. I'm sorry this whole process is taking so long. Do you already know which baby you are about to adopt? I assume so since you refer to him as Sam.

Good luck on the getting all your gifts finished up. You do such nice work!



Sarah and Jack said...

(((Heidi)))) I hope this works out for you soon.

Rebecca said...

Good luck and BIG HUGS Heidi. We are all thinking about you!