Friday, December 01, 2006

The last of the Purse-onalities--for now

"You think you know what you are, what's to come. You haven't even begun." (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

Well, I made my deadline: 10 Purse-onalities (recycled felted wool sweater purses with vintage tie handles) and delivered to them to my friend Stephanie yesterday for a Sunday craft show/house party. All in all, I made 15 of these, since I sold 5 others to friends already. I'm a little pursed out right now! But here they are. This one is a tan purse with a green and navy nordic print pocket, green striped fabric lining, and a green and navy striped silk tie.

I picked up the purle in this his grey argyle sweater for two mini front pockets. The inside linig is a purple apple print (I think--can't remember!). The tie handle is a dark grey.
These colors are fun: The sweater is aqua and orange striped, the inside fabric is peach with orange dragonflies, and the tie is a two-toned blue stripe.

Another mix of the purple and argyle: This time with the argyle serving as the pocket. The inside fabric is a purple floral, and the tie is a grey and silver pattern. I went for the mismatched vintage button look on this one.

It's hard to see from this bad photo but this is a plum nordic patterned sweater, the inside fabric is vintage purple and lavender apple print, and the tie has plum and pink in the stripes.

I love orange, but my husband pointed out that this tote bag (bigger and no magnetic clasp) is Chicago Bears colors. (Boo! I'm a Packer fan.) But I still like blue and orange together, especially in this cute stripe. The inside is a blue denim with emboidered white polka dots, and the tie has brown with a thin blue stripe.

Another tote bag of chocolatey brown with a tan and cream stripe. The cuffs made the pockets. It's lined with that cute comic sheet fabric and has a brown tie handle.

Again, hard to tell with this bad lighting but this is dark forest green, with a brown, tan and green striped pocket. The inside is a green/white stripe and the tie handle is brown.

I have a couple cute sweaters already felted for a few more, but I think I'm going to take a break from these for now. It was starting to be too much of a chore, no longer fun. My goal is to sell 5 more. That will have covered my costs and made some decent profit.

I've found that people like the neutral colors the best (browns, tans, sage greens) and prefer the larger size tote. Which do you like the best?


Rebecca said...

I like the first tan one a lot, but I like the argyle, too. It's hard to tell I do like them all.

I also think it's funny that your DH looks at the bag and thinks FOOTBALL. :) Tell him that blue and orange and New York Mets colors! LOL

You better put these up on Etsy if you have any left after the sale!

Anonymous said...

It's hard to pick just one! I like the purple one (my favorite color), and the orange striped one if I did have to pick some favorites. I probably would go for the totes just because I've always carried a bigger pocketbook. You've been busy!!

kathy said...

My favorites are the stripes. Hope you sold them all, they're all beautiful. I think I need some time at the thrift store to find some sweaters.