Tuesday, December 05, 2006

O Christmas tree!

"The mystery that Christians are asked to embrace is not that Jesus was God but that he was God-made-[human], which is to say, prone to the feelings and doubts and joys and agonies of being human.... God-as-omniscience, by definition, could do and be none of these things. Hence the sacrifice entailed in God becoming [human]. So, at the core of the very gospel on which fundamentalists rely for their passionate certainty is a definition of humanness that is marked by imperfection and uncertainty. Even in Jesus. Perhaps especially in Jesus." (Andrew Sullivan, Newsweek, Oct. 9. 2006)

This is what our porch looked like after the big First Snowfall of 2006 last Friday. See over there on left, that little bit of green? That would be our Christmas tree stand, now frozen into a big solid block of ice. Oops.

Well, I hauled it in and ran hot water on it in the bathtub for a long while, and finally got it thawed. On my way home from Cookie Baking Weekend, I bought a nice tree (may be pine, but the guy thought it might have been a Douglas Fir mismarked) for $38. Definitely cheaper than Chicago. It's about 7 feet tall, not too wide (necessary in our small condo). And it looks so pretty even without decorations, that I'm not in a hurry to get them on. Maybe this weekend.

More cookie recipes tomorrow.