Sunday, January 07, 2007

Christmas Redux Part I

“A life less planned is better.” (Pope John XIII, quoted in The Christian Century)

Thanks to my new "flex schedule" (in which I work longer days for nine days, then have every other Friday off), I had the day off on Friday. I used it to take down all the Christmas decorations and pack them away. I'm a keep-Christmas-stuff-up-till-Epiphany kind of gal, but I do understand why so many people want to clean their houses by early January. Our place was filthy, and it felt good to vacuum all the needles up and start organizing. But I am by no means deep into reorganizing yet. Maybe next week.

Christmas continues in other ways: My vintage Christmas swap package from Sarah London arrived last week from Australia. Look at how prettily she wrapped everything! I love the bright (vintage?) paper? The photo below shows some of the cool ornaments she sent, included four really nice glass ones, plus two thrifted stockings in red and white, and Christmasy red and green buttons (love them!), plus some pretty candy-cane-ish yarn. But the best gift was this handmade stuffed scottie dog. Sarah uses chenille in many of her creations, an idea I'd like to try myself, since I've recently thrifted a few chenille spreads. Thank you so much, Sarah. I know she's gotten stiffed on some swaps, so I hope this one has renewed her faith in swapping.

Speaking of swapping, I've signed up for the Pink and Brown swap, co-sponsored by Lucy at Sweet Repeats and Rebecca at Thrifty Goodness. The idea came from Rebecca's impending wedding, where the color theme is pink and brown. You're supposed to send one thrifted item, one craft supply item, and one handmade item. I've already started my handmade item. Can't wait to see who my match will be!


Anonymous said...

That little Scottie dog is just adorable! What a fun package!

Anonymous said...

Goodness, what a great package you recieved from your partner. I have checked out her blog and she does have great taste!