Friday, January 12, 2007

Knitting and babies

"Knitting provides an antidote to the current chaos of modern day life. Its very nature helps us to slow down and pay attention; its spirit invites contemplation." (Susan S. Jorgensen, Knitting into the Mystery)

I've been knitting for some new babies lately. So many of my friends had the gall to get pregnant and be due near Christmas! So during Christmas I knit this cute sweater for little William, son of D'Arcy and Mike Ryan, who was born a bit early on December 9 but is doing very well. I saw him when he was just 24 hours old in the hospital, and then Ed and I stopped to visit him on the way home New Year's Day. The sweater is knit with some wool I got at a garage sale for something like $2 a skein, and it took one skein. The pattern is from Yarn Harlot, and is my first raglan sleeve. It was pretty simple. I'll try to find the pattern url and update this later.

I also knit a little cotton hat with eyelet and tie for my friend Kassie, who just gave birth yesterday to little Rowan (in a home birth, no less). I like this pattern (from a book whose name I can't remember just now) but I wonder if it's a bit girly for a boy baby? What do you think?

On the subject of babies, I have started posting on my adoption blog again. No news, just venting.

On the subject of knitting, Jane has a lovely reflection about the merits of repetition here.

My mom forwarded me an article in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinal about one-skein knitting here (Sidebar is here.) The paper also ran an article on aprons.

Speaking of babies, Ed and I are planning to drive to Kentucky this weekend (in our new, old car) to visit his brother, sister-in-law and little Elena (also born Dec. 9, so shares a birthday with William Ryan). This is our first road-trip together of more than 3-4 hours and I think some snow might be headed this way, so wish us luck!


Sue said...

The sweater looks great! I'm going to try a top down sweater, too, so I'm glad to hear you say you thought it was easy. That's encouraging! Thanks also for the link to the Journal Sentinel article. I was just going to post that to my blog, as well. I will put a link to here, too. Have a great trip!

VictoriaE said...

Keep those beautiful quotes coming.

Rae said...

Oh my, I love both patterns! They are adorable. I would love to try the YH sweater (and actually the baby hat, too). If you find the sources, please post.

I'm a bit of a traditionalist at the core, and the hat seems a little girly. In all, though, it depends on the parents. If they think it's fine, then all is well. If not, then into the emergency baby gift stash pile it goes. ;)

Happy knitting!

Anonymous said...

Both are so cute! And I think the hat is perfect for a little baby boy. I know I've seen that pattern somewhere. I'm getting ready to whip up something for an expectant mother myself!

Lynne said...

Did you see that Lion brand has organic cotton now? I love knitting with it, and it's wonderful to see that they offer it as well on a more accessible market. I think it is wonderful for baby things...and the two you just made are adorable! Oh, and the pink and brown swap looks like it would be wonderful!

didundee said...

Hi Just browsing your blog and thought I'd let you know the hat is from Last Minute knitted gifts! I too have been knitting lots for friends new babies and I have made this hat too!! I love the little jumper....