Monday, January 29, 2007


"Live simply, so that all may simply live." (St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, first native-born American saint) My new-found joy of thrift shopping is supposed to be keeping me out of Target, Michaels, Joann's etc, but this past weekend I had to return something to Target, so I did a little shopping there and had wonderful luck. After hearing about it on the Not Martha blog, I found one of the rare, Chefmate cast-iron pots. I've been wanting to find a Le Creuset one for cheap at Marshall's for years, but no luck. So I bought this lovely red one, which matches my kitchen wall, and I promptly made my friend Suzanne's famous White Bean Chicken Chili for Kaycee and Erik on Saturday night.

I also found something else very cool and cheap (and involving red) at Target, but I will have to post it later, when the "project" is finished.

In other "red" news, I finished another purse this weekend. Notice anything different? (Hint, hint: the flower in the corner. It's a pin that's removable. A new feature!)


Lynne said...

That is a very cute bag! I do like it. Funny, I had a LeCreuset red cast iron dutch oven and a smaller sized one that I got for a gift many, many years ago...I used them and used them for many pots of soup and chili until the bottoms just got nasty. One became a dog dish for outside. Crazy, isn't it?

Lucy said...

I like your new feature, I think that's a great selling point and different from other bags that may be out there :). Hey another idea, maybe a mini bag in the same colors for make up??

Sue said...

I love your new pot, Heidi. My pans are such a disaster. For so many years we just didn’t see the need to have decent pans, but as we get more … *ahem* mature, we are finding that our tastes are changing and our priorities are changing, as well.

I think Lucy’s idea for a mini bag is great! I love the colors of this new bag, as well. Nice!

Lucy said...

Heidi-I've tagged you for a easy challenge :)

Rebecca said...

Too cute! I've been a long time purse-onalities fan and think the removable pin is a great idea! I wish I could produce something half as nice! I'm so out of it lately. :(