Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Thrifty weekend

"I think it pisses God off if you walk by the color purple in a field somewhere and don't notice it." ("Shrug" in The Color Purple, by Alice Walker)

So we got more bad news about our adoption on Saturday, so it looks like we will not be parents anytime soon. Although I was pretty upset, I am thankful I have such a wonderful husband who is really supporting me when I feel like giving up. Not to mention a whole slew of friends (in person and online) who are praying for us.

So Saturday afternoon I decided to go thrifting to cheer myself up. And look what I found! Don't you love that metal pitcher (above). I think this is what you call enamelware, right? It was $1.50. Then a cute vintage square tablecloth, which has a few, light stains, but not bad, in yellow, pink and aqua. Look what Colorado Heidi did with her vintage tablecloths! I found two aprons, this vintage one with embroidered roses and a newer one. And another Japanese mug--with strawberries! Only 40 cents.

These are some things I forgot to post from my last estate sale haul: This 60s pattern for what looks like a pretty cute dress. I'm not that into sewing clothes, but I like old patterns. I know others have cut them up for paper projects. Would that be a waste?

This embroidered table runner was handmade by someone. I didn't love, love, love the colors or pattern, but couldn't pass it up. I know this stuff is hard to resell on ebay--too many vintage linens out there seems to have depressed the prices.

A just-started crewel pillow... not that I plan to finish it, but maybe someone will. It seems I've acquired that "disease" so common to other craft bloggers in which I get all emotional seeing someone's handmade stuff and just can't not buy it! Anyone know the cure?

And what looks like some handmade lace trim. Bunches of it. maybe when I have a girl, I'll sew it on her dresses!

Thanks to all these treasure, I had to finally do some clean-up in the "crap room" (aka the study and/or future nursery) last weekend. There were TOO many piles after Christmas! I also started making a bunch more recycled sweater purses, which I hope to post this week and to put in my new etsy shop. My goal: shop up by Feb. 1. I also hope to post some charity knitting soon!


Anonymous said...

I commented on your other blog, but wanted to tell you here too how sorry I am for all the obstacles that have been thrown in your path. That just stinks. Thrifting always cheers me up too, and you found some fun things!

Sarah and Jack said...

Heidi, I am so sorry that this adoption process is so difficult. I think the top picture is an enamel coffee pot!

Patsy said...

I thnk as does Sarah that it is an enamel coffe pot, put water in it bring it to a boil add coffe grounds turn it off , let grounds settle and drink

So sorry about adoption, I can't understand it.
Suggest you take in foster children while you are waiting.

Sue said...

I’m sorry to hear, Heidi. I know that there’s no way I can possibly understand or take away your pain, but know that I am lifting you and your husband up in prayer. Suffering is something that is hard for me to understand, but I know in my heart of hearts that there is a reason for our suffering and I take comfort in that. Wishing you grace and peace.

I love the coffee pot the best! I think I definitely need to start visiting the local thrift stores more often. I’m looking forward to seeing the purses you have been working on!

vaxgirl said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your delays. I will think good thoughts for you.

Anonymous said...

I, too, am sorry to hear of your difficulties with the adoption. I will definitely think of you and your husband in my prayers. Don't loose hope, don't loose your faith.

Thrifting cheers me up, too. Rescuing the old and giving them new life is uplifting to me and brings me a strange sense of peace. :)


theresa said...

I wish you all the best in your quest to be parents...I'll make a special wish on a star for you if it helps any.

Bee said...

I really hope things improve with the adoption process, wishing you all the luck I can for that.

I also rescue other peoples craft projects. I have a friend who always buys handknitted toys. The lace trim you got there is lovely, and the coffee pot is a cute shape.