Monday, February 19, 2007

China and fabric

"In the depth of winter, I discovered within myself an invincible summer." (French philosopher Albert Camus)

So I had a successful trip to the Salvation Army on Montrose again. Two weeks after I found these Temporama bowls and salad plates I found three dinner-sized plates. I'm going to sell them all on ebay this week. I like them, but certainly don't need any more china, and apparently they're collectible. I also found this Fireking cup (above), which also should bring some cash in on ebay. It's kind of fun learning what's collectible and trying to make some profit on my thrifting. It's hard to part with stuff sometimes, but our small, 1,200-square-foot (if that!) condo makes it easier. I also found some designer linens worth reselling, too.

Now onto stuff I'm keeping--fabric, of course. Look at that cute curtain with patridges (I think) and little Dutch people like Sarah keeps finding. That cute print on the right is also an old curtain. Love the pink puppy (and I'm not even a dog lover).

I have an addiction to fabric with fruits and veggies on it, and this dish towel on the left satified my craving this week. On the right are two pillowcases. I love the colors in the stripe.

This is all fabric remnants: (from left) a summery madras plaid in pink, orange and yellow; aa doggie print, some Waverly pink print, and then pink felt.

On Friday Ed and I watched Downfall, a really compelling German movie about Hitler's last days. Leave it to my husband to pick out a 2 1/2-hour movie with subtitles! I love foreign films, but I can't knit and read them at the same time. Then on Saturday, while babysitting our friends' little boy, Lincoln, we watched Thank You for Smoking, which was good, too. Two and a half stars (Downfall is definitely four.)

We also started the Great Bathroom Remodel of 2007 this weekend. I'll post photos later. We're currently in the middle of it and sharing a bathroom. Wish us luck--we credit two bathrooms with saving our marriage!


Heidi said...

Love that stripey pillowcase! Great colors! If you want to get more into reselling, come hang out over on have learned SO much from those people, plus it's always fun to find people who like the same things you do!

Good luck on the bathroom! You are ambitious!

tocspaw said...

You find such great stuff!! I'm thinking about stalking thrift stores myself these days. Hope you are doing well!

Sue said...

Best of luck on the remodel -- and having to share a bathroom in the interim. I can definitely relate to your impending misery ... ha.

I love your new purchases!

Rae said...

Good luck on the remodel. I'm jealous -- we have one and it's the size of a postage stamp. DD is always knocking her poor head on the sink counter. ;(

Love the pics!

Eren said...

Oh, that little Dutch curtain is to die for. Wonderful finds. And I posted an appropriate thank you with a photo and link today on my blog. When are you coming up???

Sarah and Jack said...

The curtain is so cute!

AmyArtisan said...

What fun thrifting finds!

Knitting while watching subtitled films...I normally go for dshcloths or something equally easy/mindless for those flicks. :)

Barb said...

What? Not a dog lover????
What an amazing motherlode of fabrics. I love fruit fabrics too. And that partridge! Nice.